Brenda Burch is a singer and composer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has written lyrics for a lot of DDR games and has even sung on them on occasion. She is also mostly involved in charity work such as the Nourish the Children initiative where she wrote and sung the theme song.

Song creditsEdit

DDR Hottest Party 2 - WiiEdit

  • No Matter What (Jun ft. Rita Boudreau)- Lyrics
  • My Love (NM ft. Melissa Petty) - Lyrics
  • escape (U1 & Krystal B) - Lyrics

DDR Hottest Party 3/X2 -Wii/PlayStation 2Edit

  • A Brighter Day (NAOKI ft. Aleisha G.) - Lyrics
  • Shine (Tomosuke ft. Adreana) - Lyrics
  • Gotta Dance (NAOKI ft. Aleisha G.) - Lyrics (along with Walter B.)
  • You Are a Star (NAOKI ft. Anna Kaelin) - Lyrics
  • Dynamite Rave (NAOKI) - Lyrics
  • Heatstroke (TAG ft. Angie Lee) - Lyrics
  • Kimono Princess (jun) - Lyrics
  • Now's The Time (Brenda) - Lead Vocal
  • Paradise (Lea Drop ft. McCall Clark) - Brenda Burch

DDR [2010]/Hottest Party 4 - Wii/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360Edit

  • Let's Get Away (NAOKI ft. Brenda Burch) - Lyrics and Lead Vocal
  • Share The Love (Brenda Burch) - Lyrics and Lead Vocal


  • It is unconfirmed if this is the same Brenda that has sung on older DDR songs like Groove.


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