Catastrophic (usually abbreviated to Cata) is the first major milestone for a new player and is a level on Dance Dance Revolution.


Catastrophic songs are rated 9 footers on the game Dance Dance Revolution and came first into play from Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Club Version and later included on Dance Dance Revolution 3rd mix. They are typically a large step up from 8's with some being a low level 9 (Vanity Angel) and a high level 9 (Cartoon Heroes Speedy mix).

To pass a Cata a player generally practices at 8's until they have the right amount of Stamina and has learned some of the techniques required for some songs (I.E. Gallops for Tsugaru.)

Cata ListEdit


Dead End

Dynamite Rave

Paranoia Rebirth

Trip Machine Climax

Rhythm and Police (K.O.G G3 Mix)

Can't stop fallin' in love ~Speed Mix~

Exotic Ethnic

Flash in the night

Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)

So Deep (Perfect sphere mix)

Break Down!



Be Lovin

Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)

Paranoia Eternal

Trip Machine Survivor