A Crossover is a formation of arrows in a step chart that require the player to turn there body completely and Cross over legs.

Types of Cross oversEdit

Cross overs can be Left Down Right and Left Up Right (you can also reverse them for 4 different Cross overs.)

To do a cross over, the player turns and presses the left arrow with there left foot, the down panel with the right foot and then swings the left over to hit the right arrow. This is an example of the Left Down Right Cross over.

Down Right Up?Edit

Down right up, down left up, up right down and up left down are typically not seen as Cross overs since the player doesn't have to turn their body to hit all 3 arrows.

Double stepEdit

The player can of course use the Double stepping technique to do the cross over steps, but generally this is done by people who can't fully do Cross overs or are just aiming for Perfect Attack (PA).

Songs that Feature Cross oversEdit

Can't Stop falling in love ~Speedy Mix~

Exotic Ethnic

Rom-eo and Juli8

[[Sunkiss Drop

Celebrate Nite


In DDR, the name crossovers are also used to identify songs which are taken from a different Bemani game (ex. Bemani crossovers, IIDX crossovers, etc.). An alternative name for such songs are "transplants".