Edits refer to a chart that has been made by a player. For the most part, they are simply charts made by players to see if they can create better steps than the original.

Dance Dance RevolutionEdit

Bemani 573 (Analog and Digital) HardwareEdit

Edits used to be made on the console versions of DDR. The Japanese console versions have the added capability of allowing a player's edits to be playable on the arcade versions by using a PlayStation memory card (which is where edits are normally saved and also scores). It shlould be mentioned that despite the jump of the console versions from PS1 to PS2, the arcade versions continued to handle edits with PS1 memory cards using the console version of DDR 5th Mix (which makes it possible to save edits for new songs on the memory card). Dance Dance Revolution Extreme was the last arcade game to support Edit Data through PS1 memory cards.

Bemani Phyton HardwareEdit

After the absence of Edit Data functionality in DDR Supernova 1 and Supernova 2 (due to their lack of Memory Card slots and the inablity fo the E-Amusement system to handle edits at the time), it was brought back for DanceDanceRevolution X, which accepted USB thumb drives. Edits are either done on the online web editor (for American and European machines) or on the Japanese console version of DDR X (for Asian and Japanese machines). Players can also import their edits from earlier console versions of DDR to provide edits of other songs not included in the console game. Despite their similar file formats (.dat), an edit for an American/European machine won't work on a Japanese/Asian machine and vice-versa.

Other ToolsEdit


A Japanese program called DDREditMax2 makes it possible to create edits for songs not inluded (such as will and deltaMAX) in the PS1 and PS2 versions of DDR. It also allows the creator to put in triple or quadsteps on a chart. It outputs edit data compatible for Asian and Japanese DDR X and X2 machines.


SimPhony is a program written by a user named Daiz (dahrk_daiz in some communitties). It allows the user to translate edits made in stepmania (.SM files) to proper .dat files that can be played on American and European DDR X and X2 machines. It's current limitation is that users are not able to create shock arrows with it. It's current version, SimPhony Online, expands the functionality by allowing users to share their edits on the website.


  • Before pulling Edit support on DDR Supernova, Konami planned to use PlayStation 2 memory cards as the medium for it, rather than the traditional PS1 memory cards..