Created by Roxor Games, In The Groove is a 4-panel dance game very similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Many of the available songs are from American and European Dance, Trance, and Rock artists. One of the notable supporters and developers of the game is Kyle Ward, who provided almost a dozen songs to the franchise. Ward also was one of the key step file creators, producing a majority of the step charts for ITG. A key selling point for ITG was the inclusion of "hands," where the player would be required to use hands in addition to feet to hit three or more arrows simultaneously. Konami, at the time the game was released, had not included anything like it in their mixes. Another innovation was the inclusion of "mines," glowing red circles you did not want to step on.

ITG's little sibling, In The Groove 2, was the continuation in the series. A new song list and the inclusion of "rolls," steps you hit in rapid succession, helped boost Roxor Games into the spotlight. ITG grew in popularity in the arcades, and soon had a massive fan base. But the fans weren't the only ones watching the franchise.

In May, 2005, Konami filed suit against Roxor Games claiming that the ITG arcade version can be retrofitted onto a Konami DDR machine, with the DDR logos replaced by ITG. In October of 2006, Konami and Roxor settled the suit by granting Konami all rights to the ITG Intellectual Property. Roxor Games is now owned by Konami.

A third party company has recently started offering Conversion Kits to turn ITG Machines into DDR Supernova. This has been the topic of many debates within the Dancing Game community, Primarily because this was the exact same thing that Konami had Sued Roxor Games over.