In The Groove (abbreviated to ITG) is a game developed by Roxor and was released in 2004.

In The Groove
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Series: In The Groove (Series)
Mix Name: In The Groove
Publisher: Roxor
Developer: Roxor
Modes of play: Single, Vs, Double, Marathon
Link to song list: ITG Song list
Region: America, Europe
Type: Arcade


ITG plays in a similar way to DanceDanceRevolution, in that it is a 4 panel game where the steps scroll up the screen, but instead of having a score at the bottom of the screen there is a percentage at the top which is calculated as the song plays, allowing the player to see how he is really doing whilst playing.

Another feature is the way that the life bar is displayed at the side of the screen, along with a song progress at the top of the screen. The default modifier for the way the notes scroll is set to Hallway which can be changed at the Modifier screen (at a double press of the selection button), the mods can also be stacked allowing for different combinations to give a harder game or more interesting step chart.


ITG runs on a custom made "BoXoR" which runs Debian Linux with a heavily edited version of StepMania, with ITG came the legality issue that first sparked the case, the fact that there was no custom made cabinet instead older Dance Dance Revolution machines were upgraded to this new machine, with a replacement of the internal hardware, Stickers and a new marquee replaced the ones on the cabinet. See also ITG court case


The difficulty levels range differently, from Easy to Expert and are measured in Bars (or blocks) from one (easiest) to thirteen (hardest).

  • Easy (Easiest setting, few arrows)
  • Medium (Slightly tougher, some techniques needed)
  • Expert (Stamina and techniques along with PA need to be as good as possible)


At the end of each song a grade is shown giving the player feedback on how they did, along with this a graph is generated which shows the progress during the song, dipping when the percentage goes down.

  • 4 Stars: 100%
  • 3 Stars: 99%
  • 2 Stars: 98%
  • 1 Star: 96%
  • S+: 94%
  • S: 92%
  • S-: 89%
  • A+: 86%
  • A: 83%
  • A-: 80%
  • B+: 76%
  • B: 72%
  • B-: 68%
  • C+: 64%
  • C: 60%
  • C-: 55%
  • D: Less than 55%, but not Life Depleted
  • F: Life Depleted - Round Failed


In the beta stages of the game, a song called "Atom Bomb" was seen along with alternative step values to certain songs.

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