On the BreakEdit

Song Information Edit

Artist: Darwin
BPM: 85-170
Genre: Happy Hardcore
First Appeared On: DanceDanceRevolution X
Length: 1:40
Difficulty: SP: 4/8/10/13 DP: 8/10/12

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Trivia Edit

  • This song is a FINAL STAGE song in DanceDanceRevolution X
  • In the Location Tests, this was the Extra Stage song, with Saber Wing as the Final Stage song.
  • This is Darwin's first and only boss song in the DDR series.

Official Song Comment Edit

 Old-school Hard-Core, who doesn't love it?!?! This high energy track is nonstop from front to back and will take 

you on a wild ride before it let's you off. Can you keep up?

"This is fun music, bouncy is what I wanted in this track. It has bags of energy. This track is like what I produce as 

an artist within the UK hardcore scene." - Darwin