A Simfile is any file that represents a song for a specific simulator like StepMania.

Most Common Simfile Formats[edit | edit source]

  • BMS File - A universal file format mostly used for beatmania/ IIDX simulation.
  • DWI FileDWI File - A file format for the simulator Dance with Intensity.
  • SM File - A file format for Stepmania.
  • KSF File - file format for Kick it Up.

What is a Simfile[edit | edit source]

A typical simfile for Stepmania contains 2 Graphic files (Background and Banner), a music file (in MP3 or OGG format) and the Stepchart (.SM or .DWI). It is contained within a Folder and then a Mix folder within the primary Songs Folder of a Stepmania installation.
Distribution is done via any file servers, compressed into a .ZIP or .RAR file. It can also be done via Torrent without the need to compress.

.DWI VS .SM[edit | edit source]

.DWI used to the old standard for Simfiles, created via Notepad or XStep. It was eventually replaced with the .SM format which allowed for the 5 difficulties (Beginner, Light, Medium, Heavy, Oni), Edits and easier composition for Background videos, another advantage was that it could be easily created via StepMania.
A disadvantage of .SM was that DWI can not read both formats, so lower spec machines can't read .SM files due to the medium system requirements of Stepmania, so Dance With Intensity is used instead.

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