U Can't Touch ThisEdit

Song Information Edit

Artist:MC Hammer
BPM: 133
Genre: Hip Hop
First Appeared On: DanceDanceRevolution X
Length: 1:43
Difficulty: SP: 2/5/7/9 DP: 5/7/9

Lyrics Edit


U Can't Touch This.
U Can't Touch This.

My, my, my, my
Music hits me, so hard
Makes me say "Oh my lord!"
Thank you, for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and to hype
Man it feels good, when you know you're down
A superdope homeboy from the oaktown that I'm known.

As such, and this is a beat U can't touch.
(I told you, homeboy)
U Can't Touch This.
Yo, let me bust the funky lyrics
U Can't Touch This.

Fresh new kicks and pants
You got it like that, now you know you wanna dance
So move outta your seat.
Get a fly girl and catch this beat.
While it's rollin', hold on.
Pump a little bit and let 'em know it's going on.

Like that, cold on a mission so fall them back.
Let 'em know that you're too much.
And this is a beat U can't touch.

(Look, man...)
(U Can't Touch This)
(Ring the bell, school's back in)

Break it down.

Every time you see me,
The Hammer's just so hype
I'm dope on the floor and I'm magic on the mic.

Now why would I ever stop doing this?
With others makin' records that just don't hit
I've toured around the world, from London to the Bay!
It's "Hammer, go Hammer, MC Hammer, Yo Hammer"
And the rest can go and play

U Can't Touch This.

(Too hype!)
(Can't Touch This.)

(Yo, we outta here.)
(Can't Touch This.)

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Trivia Edit

  • The legendary line "STOP! Hammer Time!" features a BPM stop.

Official Song CommentEdit

The 1990 block buster, "U Can't Touch This" finally makes it's way to the DDR 

dancefloor. MC Hammer's catchy phrases, layered over grooves sampled from Rick James'

 seminal "Super Freak", became a Hip-Hop phenomenon breaking down the doors of mainstream 

music. It won two Grammy awards - Best R&B Song and Best Solo Rap Performance.